6 Tips For Successful Job Interview

Hey Girls! If you’re currently applying for a job, or about to have a job interview, The It Girl have few tips for a successful interview so you’ll get your dream job at the company you’ve been dreaming on. Here are few tips for successful job interview:

Job interview

#1 Physically and Mentally Prepared

Maintain your health so that during the job interview you can do well because your body is in a fit and healthy condition. Eat healthy and have some vitamins with regular exercise is better. It is also important to control your mind so you don’t have to be so nervous when having a job interview.

#2 Do some Research about the Company

It is important to get to know the company that you’re applying for a job. Go find some general informations from Google or other sources, or maybe from some friends or colleagues. It will impress the interviewer when you’re asked about the company with your knowledge!

#3 Come early

By coming earlier to an interview, you can prepare more by practicing interviews and knowing the atmosphere of the company. And, who knows, you can get more friends or networks by getting to know the other applicants while waiting for your name to be interviewed 😉

#4 Smile and Watch Your Body Language

First impression is everything! You need to look good and friendly to the interviewers. Always put your smile on your face, and don’t forget to greet the interviewer, also, it’s all about your body language. Always make an eye contact with the interviewer and don’t cross your arms in your chest, also don’t get your legs shaky during the interview.

#5 Do Not Rush

Stay calm and don’t be rush during an interview. Answer the questions from the interviewer well and clearly, but remember not to lie when answering questions, honesty and confidence is important.

#6 Well-Dressed

When you’re going to have an interview, make sure you understand where you are going to be interviewed. If you’re applying a job on a startup company, or someplace that is casual, you can try wearing something casual but formal outfit. One thing you need to remember is to wear something that comfortable and don’t wear clothes with striking colors or patterns. Also don’t forget to wear your favorite fragrance, but remember not to wear it too much!

Well, those are some simple tips from The It Girl so you can successfully accepted in the new workplace. Good luck!

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