Dealing With Bullies

Hey Girls! Maybe some of us have experienced with bullying, or even some of us become one of a bullies to others unconsciousness. Bullying can be in any form, whether is a verbal or physical bully and cyberbullying. Not only feeling hurt, the victims of bullying will also leave anyone feeling angry, depressed, frightened or feeling bad for themselves, and that could cause a serious psychiatric problems and even suicides.


And now The It Girl will share you how to deal with bullies and the reason why people bullied others:

#1 Know their Motivation

People who bullied others often having insecurities or weaknesses. It’s very important to us to know the reason why we got bullied. You need to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, the problem is not in yourself. The first step to handle bullying is realizing that you don’t do harmful things to them.

#2 Bullies wants power and control

You have to realize that you are smart and better than the bullies. That is why bullies often say bad words to bring you down. Bullies might have a harder time to learn or understand something. Basically, bullies have their own flaws but instead of learning, they only wants you to feel bad about yourself and that’s how they feel ‘better’ than you.

#3 Show No Reactions to Bullying

This might be a bit hard for you to ignore what bullies say about you, whether in real life  or social media. But one simple thing that will help is by showing no reactions to them. This tactic may backfire but you’re ignoring them not because you’re lose, but you have to remember that  you have something more special than them. Ignorance might be pissing them off but it will make them stop bullying others.

#4 Outsmart the Bullies

Bullies are often not quite smart or they’re lack of attention, so instead of planning to bullied back, you just need to outsmart it with laugh back to what they said, and if you got any kind of cyberbullying, you can always block and report their account. Build your own strength by preventing those bullies and get along more with lots of friends. There’s a lot more to do with your life. Have fun, and just be happy for who you are <3

So, dear every girl who’s dealing with bullies, just be brave! Believe in what you can do, embrace yourself and you don’t need to change yourself because you can be anything that might the inspires others. Know that you are unique and irreplaceable no matter what bullies said about you!

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