Why Woman Should Support Other Woman

image source: collage vintage “Empowered women empower women.” – Anonymous   That phrase means a lot since the word ‘empowered’ itself could be interpreted in so many ways. Start with the people around us, do something that simply influences to another people. Everything big always starts with something small.   Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious to another woman. It’s unhealthy for your soul and tiring at the same time. Everyone stands out in their own ways. We should embrace that diversity to create something from it.   Bringing down another woman doesn’t make you better. Do not hold competition against each other, stand with them. Fix their crowns instead of ripped it off. A real woman doesn’t have to throw dirt on others to feel more secure and better about herself. Happy women are the prettiest, right?   Strong women stand together when things are rough. Hold each other up when they need support and laugh it all together even when there’s no reason to. We will face the darkest situation in life, and that’s okay. Try to have a support system that will help you rise again and find solutions instead of wasting boxes of tissue for tears.   Instead of comparing your beauty products or the price of your handbags, admire each other by their self-respect, intelligence, integrity and loyalty. Everything that comes from within will shines even brighter than just your physical appearance. Start to beautify your inner peace and become the perfect reflection of beauty from yourself.

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